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The cement for decoration, new uses, adds cement pieces in your home, is the material most innovative industrial design studies.cement as a decorative element, is a great find, you see that its uses and applications have been spread throughout the universe everyday, from toothbrushes, to tables, original, beautiful and warm, oddly enough!, not a fad, but a new material with which to work and this is only the beginning.


If you wonder if the cement serves as a decorative material, the answer is yes, surprising but real, concrete with wood or copper is one of the basic and essential materials for industrial designers to design innovative and contemporary objects. What are its applications? and what its uses? cement in industrial design has become a material for creating any piece within the home, from a pot to the kitchen, a chandelier, a lamp, or a pot, even a usb, as you’ve already seen in the selection of designer USB flash drives , I did a few weeks ago.

The use to which we are more accustomed to the urban or industrial, and large pots, pavements or public buildings, on walls of museums or institutions. But for many years it has been implementing its use in private life, in the interiors of the houses, microcemento use as flooring for floors, polished or rough texture enhancing or creating new textures through geometric or floral patterns. We see it in the architecture of the 50s and in the lofts of the 90s to the present, on the walls, applied in blocks or in one piece, overflowing walls to add texture and warmth.

Another traditional use but very current more , is the hydraulic tile , where cement is colored, to create wonderful drawings, so fashionable that manufacturers release new collections with creative patterns . The house Ceramics Ferret , has a large collection, as we see in the image, applied in an apartment house Batllo by Antoni Gaudi .
Currently has gone a step further and other uses are being given, apart from apply it on the floor and walls. You can find it in any room of the house, in the bathroom, is used to make a bath or a sink, on the kitchen counter, in the garden pots in the dining room table, then small decorative items such as lamps, candlesticks, vases and sculptures. Usually applied unpolished hand magnifying rough, rough, rough, following the trend in aesthetic decoration craft, to return to origins, to the primary, encouraging to corner craft industry and industrial processes. Simple and minimalist creations that maintain a strong visual identity, inspired by everyday life, without departing from the wealth of details. And then finally there is also a current DIY make it yourself with concrete objects, but this’ll talk another day, because I have some news to reveal to respect.


Ideas for Stamped Concrete



This section is one of the most creative and amazing story, there is great selection of designs, from classic lamps , to innovative pieces, I selected the most innovative, highlight Lamp Lampshade ECAL Cast Cement created by Michel Charlot .


On Etsy there are many pieces of cement for the kitchen feature yet one more piece technological cement the coffee Lavazza apart from beautiful, makes an exquisite coffee, the Unique Home Accessories Speakers and Coffee Machine was designed by Shmuel Linski . Also note this precious jewel, a pot, finished with copper, the find in the Online Store Anthropologie .


DIY Cement‎

Ideas for lamp Concrete

Decorative concrete


Even in the office we will find pieces of cement, Dot and Bo shows us this set of concrete, Concrete Office in September , for a more than reasonable price, 50 dollars, you can use all parts of paperweights. And a great 8gb USB, the USB Usbeton Kixberlin house . The Korean creative colectio Posh Craft has developed a second skin supple and fine cement for the iphone 5 , have dubbed Luna, for his lunar aspect, with its craters and imperfections, is absolutely spectacular.


Before starting this section to clarify one semantic issue, the cement to which I refer is just one of the materials used to make all these parts or structures to achieve them need concrete or also called concrete is a mixture of cement, sand and water in the right proportions. To do it at home, it requires a preparation where the mixture of cement and sand and is done, you can buy in a hardware store, drug store or fine arts, is only adding appropriate proportions of water, each brand will tell you theirs . You can create any object, with the mixture moist, filled the mold chosen, can be paper or cardboard for the typical party glass, silicone, plastic or any material easy to handle when removing the piece and dry Once the mixture is dry and you can unmold. The molds can be the kitchen , where you’ll find many ways or plastic water bottles or detergent, as the example set before you. If the object you are creating must be empty inside, like a vase, in this case you will have to add another mold inside, to create the contraforma. Tell you more tips on this topic in a later post, for now I leave you with these ideas Funkytime , Mrs. Hardy , Stylizimio , Dotcomsformoms .


Decorative Concrete Overlays

The kitchen has many uses, from the walls to create a bottle, make counter , or build all the cabinets on concrete, you can do the table, choose yourself.

cement for decorative

In this section you can find from classical sculpture to diamond, or cement hearts, I selected two samples, both are letters, one is a sentence with an aesthetic of onomatopoeia comic titled Boom ! created by HandMadeFont , and another one home, you can make yourself to build a word or name, image is what opens the report.



Choose a texture, geometric, floral, organic, polished, rough, industrial, and prints in cement to create your desired atmosphere, although it seems a material Industrial and cold, is very warm and welcoming. You can apply on the floor or wall, wherever you want. You can find polished or unpolished, painted, creating geometric patterns, them white, die, in light colors dark or tinted, mixed with other materials, very recurrent is mixed with wood, furniture and vintage , you leave a selection of design classics industry that qiedarían well with this item: Thonet chair, sofa or Chester Le Corbusier, among others. Blend it with even fluorescent colors to create a warm and modern atmosphere and add cushions and lights to create a comfortable, on these links you’ll find ideas on how to decorate the house with cushions Design and Decorate Your Home with Kidimo letters .

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