The choice of colors in the kitchen

The Color is perhaps one of the most important aspects when it comes to design and decorate the kitchen since it will be the base to mark the trend for furniture and accessories. In addition, certain colors can inspire feelings in different ways, so you need to pay attention to what you want to achieve.¬†¬†Warm colors are good at decorating traditional kitchens . The only thing that teenr consider are the possible combinations. ‘s good to combine with other warm colors less bright tones to compensate and thus achieve a balance that prevents your kitchen from becoming overwhelming.


Cool colors such as blues and greens are normally associated with nature and so give our kitchen a feeling of relaxation and freshness . These shades will get a modern and clean look . The range of cold and clear combined with darker appliances in your kitchen will generate a contrast of the most decorative.The safe bet without risk are neutral colors . Tone beige, slate gray or white with different variants get a good foundation for the kitchen.As was already counting last week, the choice of colors in the kitchen is the basis of all subsequent decoration for your design. already seen what were the options concerning colors warm, cool and neutral , but more options.

No need to choose only one color. Minimum of two walls (in the case of lofts) and allows us to play with various shades . The combination brings dynamism to the kitchen and can highlight some areas over others, more brilliant colors.Another option is ignored sometimes, is to paint one wall two colors . Sounds risky, but it can give great results. The lower half of one color and the upper half with a lighter is quite common. And peude be a great choice for smaller kitchens , where the contrast of colors will get a better visual effect.
To reform our kitchen we can choose between several colors and shades, which can take into account when applying kitchen budget reform .

The white color for the kitchen is a wise choice, blends well with any other color and it suitable for any style, rustic, modern or minimalist. It brings light and increases the feeling of space, remember when our kitchen is small. To prevent excessive coldness produces only white kitchen can introduce contrast elements in other colors, in furniture, in textiles, the front of the top or decorative elements. Also keep in mind for later maintenance, the white color stands out more dirt, so it should be chosen smooth and easy to clean.
The green for the kitchen , to evoke nature, brings freshness, vitality and relaxing. Combined with white creates a harmonious atmosphere. It also combines well with materials such as wood, and other deeper colors like orange that allow us to create a youthful and casual.
Also, the blue color in the kitchen brings freshness, and we can consider it a relaxing color. Allows use both a rustic style as modern or minimalist. The blue color combines well with other materials such as wood or stainless steel clear.
The orange color for kitchen helps to illuminate the space in our kitchen, and certain colors stimulate the appetite. It is a warm color that promotes conversation.







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