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The classic front porch today is an integral part of many old, but also a number of new and modern buildings, it is the gem of each House, which completes the layout of the House in the architectural sense. The new building materials, modern technology and contemporary equipment make the veranda an important and beneficial part of our apartments. Not only the architecture of the porch, but also their purpose and their functions change over time. Although she primarily as a boundary between the indoor and outdoor serves or transition zone is considered to the garden, as can the porch also successfully as a reception room use are. There, you can welcome guests and invite them to a glass of wine. Also, this open space could be used for relaxation and quiet games, in a small garden or in a kitchen are transformed into outdoor. Of course, a comfortable and cosy sitting area includes even otherwise the porch would incorrectly look like. Keywords for any modern porch are quality and versatility. So, it is a jewel of architecture, an extension of the House, the most illuminated House structure, which is characterized by modern aesthetics.

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If your House has no modern porch, then you need to hurry really, in addition to build one. If you however have a veranda, is now the time to set it up according to the latest trends.

The classic front porch is actually an open space next to the House, which is protected against the vagaries of the weather with a canopy. She is usually at the same time with the House designed, less frequently in addition to built. The extension of the porch represents an individual architectural project that is feasible after receipt of permits and approvals. The veranda revives the whole blueprint of a House and represents interesting architectural solutions. The veranda can have a permanent canopy or have a removable sun roof. The sun roof is a modern sun protection system, which can be mounted without any planning permission by the city administration. Regardless of the coverage area the porch area is added in General to the floor of the House.

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With regard to the materials for a modern construction, we can recommend aluminium or wood. The new generation of aluminium profiles is a good choice for the patio, because they have a simple operation and maintenance, as well as have a rich color palette, which you will find on the market. The high-quality aluminium profiles offer you also a good thermal insulation. You have a thermal bridge, where a low temperature transmission is guaranteed once the ambient temperature and once to room temperature.

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The polycarbonate (PC) were popular as material for several years, but now have lost their position on the construction market. In contrast, the wood is back in, it celebrates a great come back! Because of its aesthetics and heat, the wood is very much in demand again as a building material. The natural wood has many advantages, including his ability again to be recycled. This unique material has bio-ecological characteristics, excellent correlation between strength and lightness, it offers simple processing facilities and comfort. The wooden roof of your veranda could “breathe”, it will show an optimal shelf life (300-400 years), if you properly made and adequate treatment (impregnation). It offers you a better acoustic and thermal insulation of the room. If you are now planning the construction of your porch, you can really think about as a cheap building material, such as wood for this part of your home.

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There are also other options that you might also consider, for example the use of steel as a construction material on the porch. This is a material that many people still prefer and appreciate because of the simple building solutions, it offers easily. Unquestionable advantage is its strength and the thin profiles, which can provide large glass Windows and even triple glazing (promising prospects).

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The canopy provides excellent opportunities for natural lighting. The veranda can be glazed in whole or in part, thereby creating a contribution to the modern look of your entire home. Some home owners prefer tile covering on the floor of the porch, what keeps the look of an old and traditional House. The wooden canopy can be, at times cut by glass, allowing plenty of natural light on the porch flows. The integration of wood construction with upper lighting is also an advanced solution, combining the old with the modern shows. A sunroof and sliding doors help to ventilate the porch during warm weather and to open it at the garden.

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