The contrast: an idea against boredom Decorative

One of many decorative ideas to combat boredom is to create contrasts within our walls, combining different colors or styles, or using materials which, at first glance, you do not sing with one another.


The first tip for those who want to create contrasts is to paint the walls with different colors that create contrast. If you want to create within our walls a nice and serene, for example, we can combine the green color with the color of peach.
If you lean to stylish interiors with a classic feel, we can use the combination of white and black, painting the walls  paintings in black and white . To combine contrasting colors can not only paint the walls in opposite colors, but also revive our decoration with colorful drawings, or select furnishings contrasting colors.

boredom Decorative

To have the effect of contrast we can also make use of paintings, figurative or abstract paintings . In this case, the contrast arises from the colors of the paintings of different degree of intensity of a color, but also through lines and subjects of great expressiveness  . For example, large paintings and intense colors, placed in a chromatically small intestine, give us a chance à transmit light to the environment and energy.

interior contrast Decorative

Another way to create conflict in our environments is to combine different styles of different eras, procedure called “eclecticism”. We can for example put a  sofa modern next to a closet . Instead to give a soul to the modern interiors furnished in a minimalist style, we can place you many original or modern, stylized according to ancient models.Another solution is to create contrasts in the use of appropriate designs. The models we have to choose them so that they are in tune, otherwise we risk creating aesthetic chaos. Another way to create contrast is to make use of different reasons, but united by a same or similar texture.

contrast Decorative

We can, for example, serve to accessories with the same pattern, but of opposite colors. An idea worthy of note to elicit contrast is in place structures fancy color backgrounds only, or put a bedspread with a pattern of large, chromatically cold, in an interior painting of vibrant orange.
The designs must be suitable for the color and function of each room, otherwise it may adversely affect our mood, for example, reasons unsuitable to a room where we work or we are dedicated to the study, do not allow us to focus because it is attracting of s is our attention.