The dishwasher is a great and practical help in the household

The revolutions in the equipment we need for everyday use, make our life easier every day. That’s why you see it not only as an idea of pampering, if you actively requesting this when shopping. Most of the time is worth the high price. It is an investment that will contribute thus, that one lives much easier and more convenient. The price pays off so repeatedly over time.

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One of the big brands has announced recently the use of Polinox in the dishwashers. This is for all models to find from the cheapest to the most expensive. You know this material from the fabric research. Also, it happens in the auto industry. Polinox is a guarantee of long endurance, and sustainability in General. If Polinox a stabilized polypropylene. This is easy to mold during manufacturing and absolutely safe to use. Also he brings no harm to our health. Already he is brought in the manufacture of tubes used, which then runs our drinking water. The food in the food stored there as well. Even in areas where the highest hygienic requirements apply, the material is used. These are about the baby bottles and also the syringes for medical use.

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In addition to all these factors, it has decided also for its use in the dishwasher, because it is resistant to corrosion. Whose unit is maintained even in cases in which get food with high acid content. Such as the vinegar would not damage them. Also, any odors formed thus and those who come from outside, do not persist.

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The melting point of Polinox occurs at a very high temperature. By this, we mean those between 160-170 degrees. It thus provides for a very strong hygiene, in which all bacteria are certainly wiped out. In households where there are people with allergies and small children, so a property would be certainly appreciate.

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