The Dresser in Bedroom Decoration

The dresser is a service unit that appears in Italy in the late sixteenth century as an evolution of the ark but with drawers and legs. Throughout its history it has been a self-storage cabinet master bedroom and it was customary for the father to give it to him before marrying his daughter.

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In the last century was considered a favorite for furniture interior decoration , so if you have a comfortable inherited from your grandmother, not the tires! It is a very elegant piece of furniture and it can adapt to the decor of the bedroom.  we will give you several tips for you to stay with him.

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First of all we remind that the main function of the bureau is as a container for storing objects, regalia, clothing, etc.. Therefore your most marked characteristic is the presence of drawers. However, if you put a mirror at the top you can also serve as a toilet .The comfortable situation has evolved, in the beginning it was a cabinet that stood only stays sleeping. Today there who places it in other rooms of the house such as aisles or hall entrances, in the living room acting as a dresser in the bedroom for babies, and even when dimensions permit, in the bathrooms. In addition, all had the top all a very defined style (convertible type of short legs, bulging in the center, etc..), Today’s change all the lines and styles.

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Comfortable usually has a background of 50cm and a height of 90cm (width more variety), and there with or without legs (like furniture to the floor). It is usually distinguished from the sideboard in the living room that the latter is more elongated with doors and drawers combined to place indoors crockery shelves. It is also distinguished from the console used in entries and hallways in which they are usually lighter, with less background, high legs and at most one line drawers.

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If you have inherited a comfortable and do not fit with the decor of the bedroom, you can opt for various solutions: paint colors, LaCarla in a silver tone, line it with wallpaper, varnish or restore, and even apply artwork pop art style . If instead you fit the decor , feel free to leave it unchanged: it will give you a touch vintage very personal.

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As mentioned before, the comfortable also be located in the bedrooms of babies. It is a good solution, since in addition to storage, it can also be used as changer There are even comfortable with attached baths and lid to give various uses (changer, bath and storage). I have some pictures of how to decorate with comfortable or how to integrate the “grandmother” in the decor of the bedroom.

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