The exterior of your home, such as complement

The company IKEA in the world of decoration always announces the arrival of the heat with its collection of outdoor interior design. Each year gives more importance and make more complete to surprise by its design and detail collections.


Broadly speaking we can speak of three design lines. First timber is present in deployable tables, chairs, loungers. Then we have a line with colorful pink, yellow … Finally, rattan is catching every day stronger and more being the protagonist of furniture.

Photorepro: 2, Retoucher: Johan FlodinPhotorepro: 3, Retoucher: Johan Flodin

Here you have all the images in the catalog that will analyze as you begin the development of our gardens.


Photorepro: 2, Retoucher: Johan Flodin



Photorepro: 2, Retoucher: Johan Flodin Photorepro: 3, Retoucher: Johan Flodin

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