The furniture for this roof terrace consists of modular wooden elements

The roof terrace is a lovely addition to the urban loft. It offers, of course, more design possibilities than with a small balcony, but also requires more planning because of the larger area. Here you can spend a whole day, of course with the right furniture. In this article, we would like to show you a great example of how a real wellness oasis with additional benefits can be created on the roof terrace. The furniture for this roof terrace is characterised by its modular design and its versatility.

furniture roof terrace-floorboards-curved-shape

The desire of the customers was to have an attractive and functional roof terrace, where you can carry out many activities. Whether working outdoors, doing yoga, having a romantic dinner for two or arranging a large party – the design of the roof terrace should correspond to many different needs of the owners. For this reason, the architects from J.Rock Design, based in Boston, decided to use a modular furniture design to make the most of the available space. The flooring passes into several elegantly curved surfaces for sitting or lingering and creates a balanced space on several levels. The roof terrace is not overcharged by the built-in furniture.

As the residential building is located in a historical neighbourhood, adjacent to a park, it was unlikely that innovative design solutions would be approved. For this reason, the furnishing of the roof terrace was treated as a flexible combination of different modules. Without the use of screws or nails. The individual wooden elements were not fixed to the roof surface, but can be taken apart completely as required. If small repairs are necessary, the damaged parts can be removed and replaced without tools.

furniture-roof terrace-are-sitting-read-face protection-grasses furniture-roof terrace-close to nature-wood-ornamental grasses 2015.10.13 - Diagrams furniture-roof terrace-dining table-seat benches-wooden-grasses-face protection furniture-roof terrace-led lighting-bench 2015.10.13 - Diagrams furniture-roof terrace-single-wood elements furniture-roof terrace-turf-wood planks-modular furniture 2015.10.13 - Diagrams 2015.10.13 - Diagrams Furniture-roof terrace-wood-elements-milled furniture-roof terrace-wood-grasses-face protection