The ‘grandfather clock’ returns home

The Valencian design study has claimed Creatus Sanserif old grandfather clock and has developed 100% biodegradable corrugated

Since the days of our grandparents, things (and houses) have changed a lot.Those lengthy corridors and spacious rooms with massive wooden furniture, wardrobes three door free, dressers, and shelves are large in absolute disuse.
But some of these pieces had a charm that is hard to find in today’s furniture. Great, okay, impractical, okay, but who can forget the magic of the old comfortable for mothers or grandmothers.
Or magical grandfather clock that was in the living room of the grandfather or uncle. Yes, the one that inspired the story of the Seven Kids inside which got the least to save the wolf. Pues bien, no por ser antiguo y pertenecer a dos generaciones atrás tiene por qué estar considerado ‘viejo’ o pasado de moda. Well, not for being old and belong to two generations ago have to be considered “old” or outdated.With a simple ‘reinterpretation’ can completely change ‘the story’.

At least I understood Creatius Sanserif people, which has become an organic part designed for contemporary spaces.Under the name of ‘Grandpa clock’ fully developed piece of corrugated cardboard and have devised a 100% biodegradable structure.
The piece is structured by a set of dies that simulate carved volumes and contours present in the classic watches anteroom or foot as well as unifo elements thereof, such as the pendulum or cover.
Ana Yago, creative director of the firm, explained that “the survival of these elements gives the piece a vintage style that fits current contemporary spaces. The piece is complemented by a slimmer version-wall- , designed for small spaces.
“With ‘Grandpa clock’ is recovered and reinterpreted a part: the grandfather clock, which has had a significant presence in the homes of our ancestors and that now fits onto existing spaces, while acting as an agitator of consciences and of course, meet their basic function, telling time, “says Ana Yago.
Grandpa clock’ starts a new line of accessories designed for habitat for a generation committed to the environment, in which social and environmental values are equal to key issues such as aesthetics, ergonomics or functionality of a product.

The piece will be presented internationally in the next edition of Habitat Valencia Fair, to be held from September 28 to October 2, as part of the exhibition Three Little pigs-The 3 Little Pigs, which, based on the familiar folktale, bring together a collection of furniture and accessories 100% biodegradable corrugated cardboard made and discussed below.