The Gray Color in Your Home

Despite being considered by some a shade a bit grim, gray color can be an excellent choice basic decoration.’ll Show you some ideas for you to use in your home .

gry bedroom

This space is perfectly combined with cream and gray colors, is a site that inspires comfort and calm. The walls and gray carpet and furniture combined with cream colored accents and wood are an ideal choice for the bedroom.

gry bed

This bedroom gray color complements the white sections on the floor and closet, modern designer furniture in gray, bed and carpet give this place an extra point of elegance and simplicity while still being a cool environment that inspires peace that provides natural light let in the white curtains.

gry living room

This hall with carpet and cream walls, white ceiling lamp.The design is an example of the usefulness of the basic colors to make interesting decorations and use the brightness of the areas of the home, the coffee table clear plastic and white cushions with gray print this environment complete with modern touches and delicate.