The high-class interior design concepts of Andreas Neudahm Interior Design

For more than 25 years he designed successful hotel projects exciting interior designer Andreas NAC around the world. He plays with strong colors, different materials and surfaces to design high-class room concepts for well-known brands, such as Marriott, Leonardo, and Accor hotels. We’ll show you today a few his most exciting projects, where the sense of style and the special flair of the room are to recognize immediately.

class room concepts andreas NAC interior designer luxury class

February 2016 opened this 4 star hotel in a monumental building in Barcelona. Interior design distinguishes itself by a symbiosis of history and modern urban and picks up the spirit of the time of the city at the sametime.

The guest is received in a lobby with open plan concept, where the reception, lounge and bar have been united. Bold colors, quality fabrics and fine tuned light concept underscore the character of the lounge.

class room concepts bathroom basin oval tower basin mosaic splashback glass partition wall bathtub

Andreas NAC opts for timeless design and design the right atmosphere for each hotel, as did the guest is comfortable. From the lobby and the bar to the bedroom suites.

In this room, there is a feeling of luxury, which in addition to emphasize through effective lighting, textured wall surfaces and high-quality material can be. The wall behind the bed is dark papers, while the rest of the walls with structural color and marbled filler technology is deleted. The bedroom furniture are not uniform, but express their own individuality. The focus is of course bed, whose padding colored accents.

class room concepts suite warm shades brown orange beige Eggplant warm light

The ocher color is a pleasant contrast with the dark gray element which can be lakes in the bedroom. The black and white shot of Italian actress Gina Lollo Brigada deco council the bed head and is a real eye-catcher. All details radiate the unique flair of Milan and promise a unique hotel experience.

class room concepts cream wall color turquoise bed headboard retro car black and white deco

Browse through our image gallery to see all high-class space concepts of the designer and get some ideas for your own four walls!

class room concepts bathroom towel holder wood floor of faux freestanding bathtub bamboo canes

class room concepts hotel lobby purple light yellow round sitting occasions

class room concepts hotel suite gray wall color wall-beige upholstered bed emerald green accents carpet

class room concepts luxury suite suspended ceiling afford purple led

class room concepts ocher yellow accent wall black and white photography ever bedded gray floor tiles

class room concepts suite color red regal light gray dark tv room dividers

class room concepts suite colors turquoise cream brown wood flooring

class room concepts suite photo wallpaper red leaf motifs grey-beige moebel upholstery dark red accents

class room concepts suite room divider wooden shelf system tv sitting area bed

class room concepts visualization lobby reception wood afford black ears armchairs quilted purple led