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The house is located on a site facing a narrow, steep slope. The property is presented to the community as a “rest” of wood, which promises a nice view with fresh greenery in summer and crimson foliage in autumn. The idea is equipped, the living area with wicker cushions for people to sit on the stairs. To make the stay more enjoyable, plus there is also a vain move that allows a group to sit together and have lunch or have a meeting.

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A square courtyard open to the sky in the center of the building is located next to a glazed double height space which functions as the informal public gallery. Dos stairs into the courtyard lead to different parts of the building. The first amounts to a small office located in the south-east of the first floor, while the second leads to the private spaces of the house. Architect: Kazuhiko Kishimoto Project: House in Yokohama Location: Yokohama, Japan Kazuhiko Kishimoto.

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