The importance of decoration study room of the small house

Before thinking about how nice it will be the kids’ room and get down to work, it is important to organize the study area in response to a fundamental variables. To do this, the end of the post you have clear guidelines that gives us Cesareo Hernandez, psychologist and trainer, so that we do not lose any detail, and can help our kids with their studies in an efficient and responsible manner.

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What factors should be taken into account in organizing the study area? (For fipsicologia)

1 -. Lighting going to be throughout school hours and hours working on their table, pay attention to having good lighting, whether natural best, and do not have to strain your eyes too. The hose that is oriented correctly and with proper intensity.

boys study space attic

2 – Chair : Do not neglect the ergonomic side. A back straight will cause the energy to flow better and so much tension in the neck will not cause so that the blood supply, oxygen and nutrients to the brain is not impaired. All this will greatly enhance their performance, but involves a good postural education.

3 – Separate the study area of the playing area to the extent possible . Studying in a recreation area decreases the level of concentration in the child to associate the space to other emotions and behaviors playful type. When it is not possible to have a dedicated room for each, clearly seeks to delimit the study hours and hours of play in that space. You can help simply to study with street clothes or the uniform of the school, and play time to change into a more comfortable clothes to mean: “now I’ll play.”

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. 4 – Noise is important quiet and calm atmosphere to facilitate concentration, since the child’s head is fed with the surrounding environment. When studying, avoid having to hear hermanit @ s having the time.

5 – Lectern : while children know not maintain proper posture, and even when you know, you should raise the book with a lectern, lying or resting it on other books, so you do not have to bend so much about this and avoid any injury that implies.

6 – Learn why and how studies. ‘s highly recommended that before starting to study a couple of minutes at the table, still with closed eyes and stops, and visualize that studies very well, which shows very good grades that their parents are very happy, that let you do what you want in your free time, and most will be that you really want. It is very encouraging that in their head can see that the study is directly related to what he wants and likes.

Now all we have to do homework dads … hope you have found useful that you put this post and some areas of study for beautiful, functional and well-organized children.

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