The interior designer Vincent Cullane gives us a tour of one of his latest projects

Increation was created by furniture maker Vincent Cullane a little over 10 years ago. Among such projects has been the restoration of a Victorian mill in London. We wanted to catch up with him and enjoy his latest project …


What did you want to highlight in this room? (Above)
This property is a former industrial building and wanted to enhance its rawness and its nature to combine with a homey charm. Its brick walls and metal beams also use them to give a new personality and air. The combine with warm colors and soft accessories for a cozy atmosphere and a homey touch.


What is the key to look a relaxing yet inspiring in your home office?
The key is to make sure it is well organized. Also give a warm touch with elements such as wooden floors or pads up on the wall. Also more personal accessories as pictures always look good, especially on the walls. Just make sure they are all in good frames and well organized.

How did you get that brick be well within your household?
Bricks combined well and naturally as we ensure that the other materials that we will use along with various shades of bricks. We chose the color of olive ash for walls, table oak floor owners was also great when combined with these colors.


The kitchen is decorated in a completely different way to the rest of the floor. What was your inspiration and how you took advantage of small spaces? A space plane was key. We spent a lot of time making sure that made the most of every space. In the kitchen we use a bench to sit and a curved island to make the most of the space, and combine with bright colors. We wanted to create a personal space that reflects the personality of our client and she loved the color pink. We combine this color with gray for a sophisticated space. Prefer to leave the kitchen open to the dining room for a relaxed atmosphere and you can speak or aperitif while cooking.


What wonders you have done in the bathroom to get that serenity?
There were 3 items that had to get: a curved wall tiles and light. Originally there was only one bathroom and we converted it into two. In this room we added a curved wall we get a hot atmosphere, then use white British Bisazza tiles vertically and horizontally silver to accentuate the wall and other tiles for use in the door. To end we gave more light and that’s what the rest of the decoration completed.