The kitchen trends 2017 – More openness and fluid transitions

If you believe the trend researcher Frank A. Reinhardt, the classic kitchen will suffer the same fate in the coming years like the Walkman, the VW beetle or the disk: it will hardly be. With classical kitchen, Reinhardt means that the kitchen is separate from the rest of the apartment, which is installed in a rather small room as space-saving as possible. The current trend is to install an open kitchen, which flows smoothly into the dining room – which in turn has no partition towards the living room. This creates a generously dimensioned area in which the communal life takes place in the house. Now the question arises: What is the kitchen of the future? Learn more about the Kitchen trends 2017!

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One thing in the first place: your status as the centre of social life will not lose the kitchen. Rather, it is still underpinned by the new design of the room, since the kitchen is no longer isolated, but meals are cooked in the middle of the living room. However, the kitchen will lose its traditional look. Oversized cabinets with often rather cool fronts are a thing of the past, as is the absolute focus on functionality. As part of the living area, the kitchen is set up to match the rest of the room. More and more, showcases with a glass front or open shelves are used to keep plates, pots and co. Kitchen utensils are thus not hitherto hidden but are rather integrated into the overall design concept.

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Not only the transitions between the different areas are also fluid, but also in terms of design. If one were only to look at the used furniture, one could already say in different households which part belongs to which area. Suppliers like have already begun to offer perfectly matching furniture pieces, with which the combined dining-living-cooking area can be completely furnished. This trend – away from the functional, to the cosy – will continue to intensify in the next few years until, in the end, according to Reinhardt, “the typical names living room or kitchen will eventually dissolve”.

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