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When we seek the latest decorating techniques for a home, we can see almost like every day there are new trends to decorate walls, doors, cabinets and furniture in general … But to the ground, not much choice really. We can decorate the floor with tile or wood and go. But what if we do not have time and money to switch home soil … what do we do? Well, until recently, virtually nothing. But now, we have the option to decorate the home flooring whether old, modern, or tiled flooring with the new trend of decorative flooring, decorative floors with images .

Landscape Design Ideas

To know which floor is best suited to our needs, we should start asking ourselves why and where we are going to use it? Before any aesthetic consideration (visual harmony or personal tastes), it is essential to define uses and particular issues: how busy is the floor in question, how often it is cleaned, what hope durability, which is the degree of exposure to moisture, water or sun, if you need special sound conditions, etc.

Not all types of floors cater to the same requirements, even some do better than others. For a good choice, we must consider what we need to do and where we are going to use. Before a decision from the decorative, the floors must be adaptable to the use and the environmental conditions.

You probably think that the choice of floor work is a decision that will have to settle for the floor you have. In fact, any time we make a change or restoring deep current floor and get a major shift in the overall decor.

These soils are a big plus as we said both ground and decorate an old, ugly and worn without work , to decorate a modern floor and add an extra plus in decorating. These soils do not require installation and you wrap the foil with the image as if we put a rug and go.

Besides these decorative floors are really versatile because you can decorate an entire floor or just decorate a piece can be cleaned with a mop with the usual products of cleaning floors, are anti mite, insulating, non-slip bottom layer and prevents any movement if you need more sheets, they fit perfectly, we truly wonderful.

A home switches to incorporate plants, both indoors and outdoors, balconies, terraces, and covered patios.
But every place has different conditions to give the plant, despite being in the same house is not the same temperature and humidity , or drafts or sun can obterner each copy.
When choosing a plant must know their basic needs, temperature, humidity, irrigation and light they need.
Each issue we buy comes from different regions of the country or the world, for So when you buy one Cadaa must give their habitat recreated its original climate possible. Tropical plants require less light or sunlight than hot, dry regions, there are others who like the cold temperature, moist, others as the cetacean require little watering sun, others tolerate strong winds, and water. Similarly other plants like soil more acidic, more alkaline other, other supporting all types of soils.

Carpets are one of the biggest party accessories that you can take at home. they have multiple effects depending on where and how to put them. Moreover, shapes or colors which have created some environments or others.

Original Carpets
You should take into account a number of rules if you want to get the desired effect on the proper stay. If you have pets at home, dismisses this idea as it will be filled with hair, but if you have and want to decorate with this type of accessory, get down to work.

If you have the idea of dividing a room, you can help with a couple of rugs . It’s simple, just put a different color to differentiate areas.

If one of the spaces you want to give a higher profile, choose a rug larger than the one for this.But if what you want is that this accessory is the focal point of the room, then buy one that has a design in the center.As for the colors you choose, look first at how are your walls. If they have some kind of pattern it is best that he lacks the carpet.

A plain of one of the tones has the wall, will be perfect. If instead you linings are smooth, bet on a rug with some type of bold print.If neutral colors predominate in your home, go for carpeting electric blue, red, or anyone who can stand out.You can combine, however, floral fabrics and smooth in the same environment as long as merge correctly.Regarding the merger of furniture and carpets, you have to take into account some aspects so it is not ugly.

Never put a tapestry keep out the legs or corners of the cabinet above it.If the carpet is a built under the wall, then you can be out the hind legs, which are not seen. If you like and want to buy them to decorate the house floor , now you canbeneficiaries of a 7% discount until July 31 by entering the following code at the time of purchase: Here are some examples:

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