The marble current trend

The marble is fashionable, just look at the current cuisines different decorative styles, from the strict minimalism Provencal or Tuscan style using marble for countertops. But not only has become fashionable stone itself is quite a trend currently using designs that replicate the marble, paints, wallpapers, fabrics and a large number of decorative elements.


These beautiful vases are glazed and painted playing a marbling effect which makes them very current and decorative. There are many techniques and applications to reproduce natural marble design.
Painting techniques and stickers marbled allow us to transform any surface, be it a table, a vase or a frame made of any material, into precious objects with all the appearance of marble.

We can also find wallpapers to wallpaper a wall we want to highlight the natural design of marble. They are ideal to paper a wall or part of it, is a way to create a visual attraction point, an area of ​​contrast that will break the monotony of stay.

Photography and posters, fabrics to create pillowcases, there are many options to enter the marbling in the decoration of any room.
Up to fashion has arrived marble effect, dresses, pants and other garments reproduce the decorative stone design excellence. And you got your design to decorate nails. Marble is here once again and go untold, seize the beauty of its natural design capricious and random.



Marble Mosaics counter

Marble Mosaics mirroe frame

Marble Mosaics sink

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