The modular wall unit made of MDF

These modular systems made of MDF in Italy have a casual organization. The wall system is made of wood is made particularly versatile from the shelves that can be inserted at will, this makes the unique and modern fitted wall. This system and its true beauty is to use the space you need or that you have, because its characteristic is adaptability. The Seller Randomito is a panel that can be organized on the basis of its imagine.


In addition to these panels, the modular sisterma also provides a product with the pre Random Random Box, available with shelves, with doors open or closed, in turn adjustable. The wall unit may contain, photos, books, boxes, memories of trips and for those who are more disordered the wall equipped provides for the closure of the shelving.

Sometimes the location having the television is not optimal, and there may be some rather uncomfortable viewing angles. It is in these cases that we adapt to the location you have the TV, leaning your chair, or moving a sofa, however, these are not the only options. 

The firm MDF Italy, presents a novel ideal product for the TV screen meets our needs, it is a wall panel characterized put a flexible rotating arm for television. The TV stand to be flexible and can be transformed to create rotating an angle conducive to watching television.With a discreet and elegant design panel allows the TV to be rotated in and merge with the wall unit to have a neat appearance, but certainly practical maas what is to position it at different angles to enjoy our favorite show from any location of where we are.

Click on the image to enlarge They are called the compositions multifunctional wall units for living room: modular and modular, you can now organize more and more customized solutions.
Compartments or shelves for books and objects, large niches for TV and hi-fi, drawers or closed compartments containing: most of the available software allows are custom-made. The design of the unit must take into account the practical needs in relation to the space available, but also of formal balance of the whole.

Crossing the wall system Misuraemme

A real innovation refreshes the concept of bookcases. The panels of which it consists, by weight, allow the bookcase to be hanging giving a very new sense of “visible lightness”.

TAO DAY The system may have multiple solutions, obtained by combining in different ways the elements, available in different sizes and matt lacquered shiny and essences.

Wall system Zanette

Composition F 106 consisting of bases with drawers, shelf and wall units in oak Crete. Wall units with glass shelves, flaps made of bronze glass. Plasma screen matt platinum bestseller L 312 P 165 H 51.8.

Composition with hinged Zanette

Composition F 104 consisting of bases with doors, drawer and shelf lacquered rope, hanging cabinet with drop down door with bronzed glass, door plasma oak Crete. L 312 P 185 H 51.8.

Wall system with hinged Zanette

Composition F 101 consisting of bases with doors, cabinets with hinged bronze glass and lacquered shelf Crete. Plasma screen and wall units with white gloss lacquer. L 364 P 185 H 51.8



MDF wall unit

Modern TV unit