The old chest of drawers effectively reshape fancy dressers

Fancy furniture are a trend in interior design. She seems to skip anything. Also fancy dressers are now in fashion. However, if you buy these in the furniture business, they are too expensive. While you could craft something of their own much cheaper.

Chest colorful craft ideas fancy Dresser

So you give your old furniture a new life. At the same time, you have a super original piece of furniture that can compare with anything else. In a new apartment, a chest of drawers would work alone that edgy, because she is just so old. She would certainly only a few repairs and perhaps a new paint job. But this is all you should do virtually.

Chest colorful fancy Dresser chest of drawers wood

From old pieces of furniture (not ancient, but consumed), you could make also fancy dressers with some DIY creativity. Delete this in a completely new shade. Spice them through beautiful patterns on. Also a wallpaper or foil may be enough for this purpose. The same simple approach would be also suitable if you want to make “a little more” from a to simple chest of drawers.

Chest wood diy ideas unusual Bureau

Do you have a broken part on the dresser? So what? Replace but these with another in different form or in a whole new shade. Some of the most unusual chests of drawers, which we have found on the net rest on such incursions. Also ideas, who rely on such a thing, what we would call in the fashion of “Casual Look” are modern. Example: You have little space in the room and a simple chest of drawers. Place but a subject that the both produced very well fit by design. So you save at the same time place and dress up your chest of drawers in a very original way.

Craft ideas fancy Dresser chest of drawers wood

Washi tapes also often occur as a means of decoration. You can create patterns from these bands or simply provided the piece of furniture with some colored stripes. We have seen many DIY ideas for fancy commodes in the network, which used residual materials and wallpaper to the Spice it up. Most of us find sooner or later those lying around at home. Some patterns are simply too great to be thrown away.

Craft ideas unusual chest of drawers wood

When enough just for the chest of drawers and well write in the space, then speaks against their use nothing, or? Not rarely play DIY ideas for fancy dressers with the functionality. Some attach to side for example some cutlery these furniture pieces. Other people provide the surfaces with panels. So you can write something on it.

We didn’t have the topic about the fancy dressers so far yet. It is a real treasure chest and we will thus continue. After the samples that we here have given themselves certainly lots own DIY are you can think ideas in this direction. We are looking forward to your comments and more tips on the topic!

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