The outdoor bed – Useful Tips for Planning & great design ideas

In the spring and summer in the outdoor area can feel so right, you need a few cosy furniture, where you can perfectly relax. Here, the selection is great. Apart from garden furniture in the form of sofas and chairs the deck chairs are of course very well. But hammocks also are popular for relaxation. But what would better suited to this purpose than a bed? Probably you have seen ever lounge areas with an outdoor bed. And if you opted for this kind of comfort in the garden or on the terrace, we would help you bed with a few tips for the outdoor. Enjoy from then on your NAP outdoors in the fresh air!

Asian style terrace red bed outdoor holzstatue

You should not begin to build the outdoor bed or select. Namely, first, you have to find the right place. Best, choose a scope that has a face, at least. Furthermore it is advantageous, because the bed under a canopy is, so that you can enjoy in the summer on a cool shade. Excellent verandas, a terrace or a Pergola for this purpose suitable for the outdoor bed. In relation to the compass direction, the morning sun, so the East is the best choice. In the South and West you can assume that that the area is heavily aufgehitzt and you can stop it is difficult. But, not everything that should be noted is a sheltered and shady place. As you know, are insects, and including also the mosquitoes, a normal thing in the summer. Therefore you should consider exactly, whether you want to have many plants close to your bed. It is true that the outdoor bed then receives a more exotic look. For many flies and mosquitoes to implant there but, the you the NAP will make anything but relaxing.

Bed outdoor swing chains orange mattress Garden Terrace

If you no roof or wall, that doesn’t mean that you must renounce the dream of an outdoor bed. Note only a few additional things. A it is beneficial if you make the outdoor bed mobile. That is, it should be easy to convert. This indeed applies to all furniture, that you set on a lawn. The bed requires a padding, dries quickly, and a canopy. Finally you want to be well prepared and quickly provide shade on hot days. This covers the entire bed, you can protect yourself with him even from mosquitoes. You can avoid visits by crawling insects, by you the outdoor bed legs add. These should be as long and as thin as possible.

black rattan cushions turquoise exotic outdoor bed

The swing is by no means something that says only children. We adults can imagine scarcely anything more romantic and cozy inside to rock than with our loved ones in the summer evening. The crickets, the starry sky, and the scent of summer flowers make this event even more perfect. Fulfill this dream quite simple by installing an outdoor bed in a swing on the porch, terrace or garden. Finished variants exist in the most different sizes and shapes. So, it can be round, oval, rectangular or square. Best find an outdoor bed, that in its size corresponds to the selected square. Keep in mind that the bed is not always very easy and the weight is increased by you and others. If you so decide for a swing, the canopy, on which to hang them, should be really stable and able to withstand the load.

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