The paintings for the bedroom: tips for choosing

When should apprestarsi to the choice of paintings for the bedroom there surely must be based on our personal taste, but it is also advisable to pay attention to the style, the colors and their combinations, the furniture and other decorations, because none of the objects should overpower the others, but you must combine in harmony.

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For classic rooms , generally the best theme for a painting is the landscape, possibly made ​​with nice colors and cool. This type of painting the room will make it a suitable place to peace, relaxation and rest. The paintings are an alternative to the prints or the mirrors with frames decorated in gilded wood. For pictures from the classic flavor should be preferred wooden frames carved in gold or plaster .

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For bedroom modern or minimalist monochrome the best choice is instead to large canvases with abstract subjects decided multicolored tones that will help to give character to the environment. A good alternative to painted canvas are the prints , the posters and all the works by contemporary character. For modern works would be advisable to choose frames per day , metal frames or wood very thin and absolutely monochromatic.

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For classic rooms is good to choose paintings tones in harmony with the colors of the walls where they will hang. For modern rooms , generally minimal, the opposite rule applies instead. Create a focal point different from the rest of the objects in the bedroom will help to enhance the objects around.

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The number one rule is to find a good balance between visual objects in the bedroom , including supervisors, with the walls of it. So no one should be chosen picture is too small to be placed on a wall with a lot of space. The walls are more suitable for a broad framework that gives great importance and tone, or for the same or multiple compositions of the same style, with the same tone and frame.

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