The perfect desk for coworking spaces

Working at home has many advantages, but it has a drawback that can weigh more than all the good things: the lack of real contact with people. Therefore, although in recent times whenever there were more people working on their homes, are becoming fashionable to put spaces coworking , which logically also have their drawbacks: the lack of privacy and concentration.

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Many designers and firms that have created desktops to combat these problems, for example, Bram Vanderbeke, created a while ago Woven a cabinet with an upper capsule aimed at creating an intimate workspace. Today we want to show you another solution. It’s Hoodie , a desk created by Australian firm Koskela to work individually in the spaces of coworking . Want more details? Here!

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A desk that wraps the space
Although they are increasingly fashionable open spaces to encourage collaboration in enterprises, from Koskela thought it would be appropriate to create a piece of furniture to provide privacy when needed and, therefore, designed this desk that wraps the space and won the IDEA award in 2013. was about a workbench that provides soft insulation while allowing continuous contact with the group.

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A very modern design
You see, this is a nice piece of furniture, but best of all is that it has a modern design that fits perfectly into the style of the space coworking being designed lately. You can get it in different colors , some vibrant and very cheerful, ideal to put a note of intense color in a work area usually decorated in neutral tones, something that will bring life and joy into space.

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