The Provencal style: house of romance and solar

The Provencal style home comes from the south of France and is presented as genuine, romantic and ultra chic. It is a style that blends nicely with the simplicity and softness of furniture shabby chic , where furniture antique flavor and light colors are accompanied by natural fabrics in pastel shades.


The house is furnished in
Provencal style with influences shabby chic reminds us of the comfortable surroundings than once , the smell of homemade bread eaten as a snack with plenty of butter and homemade jam home made, the smile of the grandmother. The furnishings are romantic, inviting, have a feminine touch can relax the eyes and bring to mind pleasant memories.


But what are the foundations of the Provencal style? It starts from the desire to evoke clear spaces, harmonious and fragrant, deliciously vintage . The final effect of a Provencal decor is elegant, but in a simple way, and the environment is artistic and bohemian, almost as if the house itself was a work of art to admire.


The Provencal house is fresh and clean, tidy but not too much; brings to mind the scent of lavender , typical of Provence , bouquet of dried flowers here and there and a subtle scent of essential oils. The lines of the furnishings are balanced, rounded, sweet. Cotton, linen and light fabrics made ​​of natural fibers are favored, while the furniture is wood from ‘ worn look and terracotta floors or stone. The wrought iron peeps here and there, the walls are white and essential: the real stars of the rooms are romantic and antique furniture and objects scattered here and there.

provencal style decorating

The colors typical Provencal furnishings are white, beige, ivory, lavender, light yellow, pink, ecru, the apricot, the pale blue. All light colors and soft which helps to give a romantic aspect to the house decorated in a Provencal style. Even the floral prints are often found in Provencal furnishings and shabby chic.

provencal style interior design

Finally, the ‘ lighting is very soft and mild: there you might otherwise expect from simple environments who want to recreate the sweet illusion of the past. The candles placed in strategic places can help to give a flavor all dreamy and romantic.





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