The quality and price in closets

Today, in relation to the composition of the cabinets must take into account the price and quality. Prices are down, but do not forget the quality does not make up for sometimes.


1st. Boards:
If the boards are melamine texture should be chosen because it is more sustained trotting, scratches … the smooth and barely rises in the price: about 5% more.

2nd. The back:
We must check that the back is at least an inch thick; if you have less will save about 10 to 30 euros, but it will be weaker.

3rd. Sliding doors:
Pay attention to the guides and bearings are solid and sure if these are Apotos for the weight of the door; This varies depending on the material and size of the door, so it is recommended to consult the seller.

It is also much better than nylon wheels are: the door jam and less over make less noise than with metal. With these qualities the cabinet will rise about 70 euros, but the door will be more stable.

4th. Hinges:
Whereas they should withstand ma of hinge since the expensive single trough and the cupboard about 5%. Make sure they are solid as well last a lifetime. Those that are not cheapen the closet in about 80 euros (if you have two doors), but less resistant and just sliding down.

5 °. A lacquered cabinet:
Although the cabinet up to 10% of price is much better take three coats of lacquer: the boards are more covered if it takes two, and be more protected, less scratching at. Also, more uniform finish; so it should not take more than three.