The right color for your kitchen

If you set your kitchen or remodeling, the color of the walls and cabinets plays in the important role. It deterministic mines how the room later acts. In addition to the most important criterion, namely your personal taste, so the size of your kitchen plays a role in the selection. If you can not decide, be inspired best of current trends!

Beautiful colors for the kitchen white furniture

In the colors of the kitchen walls too, first of all, is how big is the room at all. If you have a small kitchen, you prefer bright colors. As a result, the room appear larger. White, for example, yellow or light blue accents combine with the color is great.

At a larger or even open kitchen, HOWEVER, können THEREFORE work with darker tones. Brown in different Accentuations is very popular in kitchens, as it is a very natural color did is reminiscent of wood. If you so set on this raw material in kitchens, a matching Brown can complete very nice design – as long as the room is large enough.

orange color for the kitchen

Of course, one option is white with large kitchens. More so than in small spaces is but crucial did you use other colors Because The kitchen can be otherwise Quickly sterile and boring.

make interesting kitchen in red and white

Attractive wall decoration with the favorite color
Certain colors evoke specific emotions – that teaches psychology. They can use as to your favorite color when designing your kitchen if it harmonizes with the remaining equipment. Because they like the color but she does anyway.

These examples show you what Certain colors can stand. Not to blow up the frame, there are not too many, but Perhaps your favorite color is Yes.

This color Creates a cheerful and solute atmosphere in your kitchen. In addition, spreading them warmth and coziness and acts – Which can be a decisive advantage in the kitchen even more appetizing.

We make beautiful green kitchen

It is not just metabolism-promoting, so but mentally and physically stimulating. Especially for sleepy, so it has a useful feature: Red is dynamic and makes alive.

A green kitchen is not only natural but so is a place to relax. This color Stimulates your creativity and Provides peace and security.

So very popular for kitchen walls is blue. It provides peace and serenity and ran thus spreading harmony and freshness.

Inspiration for the kitchen wall – thesis is the current trends
If there what nothing for you in the previous proposals or you want to make your kitchen as modern, können THEREFORE refer to the latest trends.

beautiful kitchen in dark colors

Today, many opt for a kitchen front in white. This works similar to walls, bright, friendly and inviting. So it can be combined with almost all colors and styles. Bright pastel colors or terracotta are particularly popular at the moment.

So the industrial-style finds its way into more and more kitchens. He Characterized by various shades of gray, Which are reminiscent of concrete. Combined he is unfinished-looking furniture, choosing There are no limits you with raw.