The romantic style of hotel Las Cumbres de Punta del Este

Surrounded by a stunning landscape on the shores of Laguna del Sauce, the hotel Las Cumbres de Punta del Este delights with its style and romantic decoration.

hotel las cumbres de la ballena punta del este

This exclusive retreat design and sophisticated diner for the best relaxation has a large collection of artworks carefully selected to match the local landscape.
The hotel Las Cumbres de Punta del Este has a spa dominated by a large panoramic pool covered with rocks. The decor combines modern art with oriental style, achieving a harmonious fusion favoring atmosphere relaxed.

hotel las cumbres art punta del este

In a bucolic setting with Provencal accents, each space is created as an artistic expression that exists as a special experience. The Hotel & Spa Las Cumbres is designed to be lived as a private residence.
Rooms at Ala Forests and Forestry Center are nestled at the edge of a cliff offering a spectacular view of the peninsula, the forest zone and the sea. The decor was done in Provencal style, creating environments of great luminosity, which contribute to the numerous windows that allow bowindows wonderful visual environment.

hotel las cumbres de punta del este

Rooms Hull and Deck Hull Laguna have been decorated in a sophisticated manner and staff and have large terraces and fireplace.
The rooms of the Provence Suite and Suite Dot Com, are located in the hotel building and its decoration the air of the French countryside persist.
The furniture made from hardwood shows the traditional strength of this romantic style. Smooth and precise lines, this furniture help to create an atmosphere ideal for relaxing dream.

hotel las cumbres em punta del este

The Sky Suite is the most luxurious and spacious hotel. Keeping the style of other rooms, has some exclusive details that increase comfort and elegance, as her four-poster bed a dining private, among others.
We can conclude that Las Cumbres is immersed in a natural environment that blends wonderfully dreamy decoration with its different spaces romantic style luxurious and sophisticated hotel, creating a relaxed and charming atmosphere that invites you to rest and relax.

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