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The choice of linens for the bedroom of the children has an important role in the decoration of this room. These accessories provide decorative color and joy to the space of small, besides its function of dressing the bed.To decide on the most appropriate bedding, we must take into account several factors, in order to make the best choice.

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Considerations for choosing child bedroom sheets:
First we must take action on the bed, on the market for various sizes of sheets and we choose those that best fit our bed. Keep in mind that should never have sheet to the sides so we can put the sheet under the mattress, otherwise, always loosen and end up on the ground and our children will be exposed.In the case of children’s beds, will prefer the stretchy sheet sets, because it is easier to keep the bed in order. On the other hand, we have at least three or four sets of sheets, for owing to the activities of children, an accident can always happen that requires us to change.

On site we can find plenty of designs infant sheets with drawings of animals, multi-colored geometric designs, with celebrities. It’s a good idea to select all sheets on the same subject (eg princesses), to maintain a consistent decor.

For teenage bedrooms, and can not choose sheets with drawings of children, preferably lean toward more traditional designs, geometric patterns, guards, cleats or colors smooth, simple or combined (the most common are those that combine a smooth bottom sheet the top with some design or another color). Even if the sheets for teens, it is preferable that the colors and designs are in keeping with the decor.

Within the sets of sheets, we can opt for those that provide a zippered case (with buttons, zipper, or a crease). Bedding materials can be quite varied, creates, cotton, flannel, satin, silk, but will prefer the cotton, they are the best quality, which allow better ventilation and you have a nicer feel to the touch. Flannel sheets are very warm for winter and avoid cold feeling generated by cotton at bedtime. But have the disadvantage that drying is very difficult. They are not recommended for hot climates and tend to form clumping. The sheets should be easily washable infant due to the conditions of use.


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