The Silver in Every Corner of the House

Do not miss the opportunity for your living room or your bedroom throw flashes of glamor and style strategically placing objects or furniture in silver
A while now we have been seeing how, little by little, the catalogs of the firms decoration and furniture items are populated in silver and silver. This decorative trend has been increasing to the point that it has become all but indispensable in the home.
And is that metallic shades are amazing decorative effects. For example, make the light reflects light making it stay. But also can give you a chic and very glamorous, especially if you choose to pursue that feeling objects-the other option has to do with the industry trend, which we’ll talk.

Silver accessories

What I suggest is that you do not ‘go crazy’ with the silver. It’s a trend that must be weighed in for good measure. And knowing combine it with skill. We like very much how it is in an environment of gray or even brown and ocher.
But it is also really well when mixed with other shades of silver. A good option is to use the lighter shades in the bedroom, if you have plenty of light. And in the lounge if bright, darker tone.

If you just want to give a flash of silver in the lounge, one option is to place just one detail. At Oca include, for example, with a set of three cactus made ​​from porcelain and painted in silver later. Or the Tree coat rack, stainless steel, have another in chromed steel, cheaper-and high-gloss surface.

headboard in silver

You might look for a silver effect much more radical. But at the same time with a sense of humor, by exaggerated. Make it elegant, different, surprising. This is the headboard for bed -140 cm-upholstered in quilted padding they have in the catalog of Maisons du Monde.
The structure is made of pine and plywood. The legs, wenge pine, is painted with satin nitrocellulose. And filling the structure of polyurethane foam. But what interests us is so bright that effect is achieved with 100% PVC coating of silver.

Silver pillow

About a quilt, or a quilt-in neutral tones, you can place the cushions in silver tones Zara Home. They are from the collection ‘Velvet’ and accounts with three slightly different models that blend seamlessly together.
In that same space. Or even better, in a corner of the room, the living room or entrance hall, a table placed somewhat Moorish style, like the one proposed by Zara Home. It is made of wood. And in composition also has a 10% aluminum.

SILVER chairs

Another advantage with silver tones is that they adapt very well to different styles and materials. So much so that Gajisa-importer of furniture with 25 years old and outlets throughout Spain-propose several models of chairs to suit stainless steel and glass tables. The effect is striking.