The Smallest House in Italy

Very small apartment in Rome (7 m)
When we think of our ideal dwelling, we tend not to think of something whose surface is below thirty square meters, in fact normally we think of many more. However that does not mean that a very small dwelling may not be super cosy, comfortable and have everything you need for a great life.

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We have already seen many examples of micro wonderful homes today framework, which is probably the smallest House of Italy, once again demonstrate, that if one has good taste and ability to optimize the use of available space, seven square meters of surface may be sufficient for living including kitchen, bathroom and bedroom convertible in living room and vice versa We will check it.

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The House is located in an old neighborhood of the most centrally located of Rome. It is obviously fully restored to adapt its slim dimensions to the needs of today. It has a trick and is the staircase and the hatch giving access to the bedroom, which is also a living room, and is situated on the kitchen and the plant bath which are in what is really low.

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The trapdoor is hinged so that, once we’re at the top of the House, we can close it and becomes part of the ground, extending the useful surface and avoiding that we can drop us or have an unpleasant accident with the staircase, which is one of the fears and dangers of the attics. In the photos above you can see the kitchen, which unbelievably it is fully functional and has everything you need to prepare the best recipes in it. Come on, it is not intended as a motif, is a useful kitchen featuring silver, sink, refrigerator, storage space and everything that you can think you that you need to cook.

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Even has a table, flip-up also, which is ideal for two but can serve to to its around up to four people, so if we want to feel we can even bring guests. The table is folded when you are not using to not obstruct access to the stairs that are behind it. In the photos above we can see the bedroom and the living room, that they are actually the same stay. Change is achieved thanks to the sofa bed that adapts perfectly to the needs of this space and provides exactly, with its shape, this housing need.

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And let us not forget the contrast between materials that make the space super cosy. Although White has much prominence, as it is usual in small spaces, there are stone and wood that makes the space more pleasant and warm.

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