The tapestries on the furniture for this season

We know. The fabrics you wear with your home can completely change the look of your home. In fact it is often the most economical system to change the housing with no in between changes or reforms.

So we like to show the new features that appear in this field. Because the best companies in the sector tend to launch at least two collections a year. Something darker for fall and winter, and happier in the face of the spring and summer shades.
it is clear that most do not have the ability or the willingness-to-change upholstery house each season. So we have fetched between some of the best textile firms to show some examples of designs that can be used in all seasons.

Alhambra International has no less than six collections (Sacha, Kimu, Timeless, Sensai, Bam Bam and Aspen) going into this season. All are made with high quality raw materials and careful workmanship. But of them all, we wanted to select Sacha for display in these pages.

Made of wool, linen or cotton, the collection is the result of combining nobility and hearth, two concepts of masculine tailoring inspiration from designs such as tartan, houndstooth and tartan, attached to a digital print generation.

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Moreover, their hues in blue water, burnt roses, ash gray and beige prints make it a perfect choice for the whole year.

Pepe Penalver has excited us Mistral collection curtains. Inspired by the eponymous northwest wind blowing in the Mediterranean Sea, is lightweight and light that it is almost dreamlike, perfect for any time.

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You can not avoid evoking subtle transparencies and undulating movements, in any stone, natural tones that degrade towards beige and white.

Talara is a province of Peru in the Andes. And it is also the name of the latest collection of Nina Campbell confirms distributed by Osborne and Little. And that’s no accident. Because the designer was inspired by that area of ​​the world to this line of fabric designs with a bright and subtle ethnic touch. It does this with two designs of decorative stripes, something like a stylized tree of life. And with delicate paisley detail.

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