The Tolix Chair by Xavier Pauchard is reinterpreted

Do you know the Chair A Tolix French company? It is created from sheet metal and tubes. It shows how well a combination of ruggedness and lightness can fold. Chair A became the icon of industrial beauty and the art of the craftsman. Designer of the plant was Xavier Pauchard. He is also a pioneer of electroplating and the visionary approach in the design of furniture.

Design classics dining chair Tolix

Today, you can buy the model in many different variants. Of A Chair is available in 45 different colors and 5 different liveries. The Tolix Chair was already 80 years old. The idea here, he acts but still young. On the occasion of the anniversary, the company Tolix led a project for his reinterpretation. 8 different artists took part. They created new designer chairs which relate to A model by Tolix.

designer furniture design chair Tolix

Let’s start with the German Designer Konstantin Grcic’s. He created a big Chair Chair combining in himself all properties of Tolix. To illustrate the reference to the original Chair, the artist in the overall design is assumed by the shape of the bucket. However, the new plant has a completely unique character. The British Bethan Laura Wood was also invited to offer a reinterpretation of A Chair. She adapted better to the needs of the budget the typical shape and material. You can say that the female character of this designer Chair is unmistakable. For the creation of decorative, Bethan Laura Wood drew inspiration from the historical personality of Elizabeth I.

Konstantin Grcic Design Furniture chair Tolix

Sebastian Herkner enriched the original Tolix Chair with craft items. He used leather cords. The woven structure makes something very modern and even monumental from the factory. In the 20th century. Century is they just often deemed to be the connection between the various Visual Arts. Think Gaudi’s buildings but of Antonio. Lex sat in the reinterpretation of the Tolix pot Chair on his typical, rough and intuitive approach. As usual gave it a unique character due to the specific processing of a surface the piece. His work, which refers the Tolix Chair, shows a weathered surface in combination with rusted steel. Copper and brass were also used to enhance this effect even more. The stainless steel achieves a certain Visual highlight.

Furniture classics Konstantin Grcic chair Tolix

Giulio Ridolfo demonstrated once again his personal, highly individualized color palette based on the interpretation of the Tolix Chair. On the occasion of this project, he has explored a whole new topic. The Chair has been completely wrapped by a fabric with blue patterns.

Chair Tolix variations in different colors

Tolix chair art installation by Konstantin Grcic

Tolix chair chairs in various colors designer

Tolix chair designer Chair by Konstantin Grcic

Tolix chair in different colors with pad

Tolix chair in gray designer furniture

Tolix chair in wallet tarpauline effects

Tolix chair interpretation of Konstantin Grcic detail

Tolix chair interpretation of Konstantin Grcic

Tolix chair metal pattern Konstantin Grcic

Tolix chair mint green accents designer chairs

Tolix chair mint green designer chairs interpretation

Tolix designer chair by Konstantin Grcic

Tolix metal chair by Konstantin Grcic

Tolix metal chair color Konstantin Grcic

Tolix metal chair Design Ideas Konstantin Grcic

Tolix metal chair detail designer Konstantin Grcic

Tolix metal chair detailed interpretation of Konstantin Grcic