The tree trunk tabletop design for furniture in natural finish

This attractive house offers unique design is located in Singapore, directly on the sea coast. It’s a holiday house that will accommodate a family of several generations and create at atmosphere did reminds on the one hand to a system, but has at the same time so the comfort of your own home.

bole design dining table idea modern chairs wooden tabletop

For this purpose, the house owner hired the company Robert Greg Shand architects, which designed a unique interior with many natural accents, including each a tree trunk tabletop design for different areas, as well as a relaxing outdoor area with pool.

tabletop façade modern gravel front window in bole design

Outside of the house with the tree trunk tabletop design level out, did water plays a major role. In addition to the attractive pool, surrounded the house all four ponds and create a unique atmosphere. This therefore obtained views from almost every room. In turn, the other rooms offer a great view of the garden.

tabletop in bole design coffee table living room idea furniture cream

A tree trunk tabletop design is reflected in several pieces of furniture. The two are a coffee table in the large living area, which enhance the seating area on the window fronts. So the dining table is not characterized by this natural look and is complemented by attr active chairs made of wood. Last but not least is worth mentioning to the wood accent in the kitchen. The narrow tabletop forms design a counter did can be wonder fully used to sit in the tree trunk. It is combined with light wood cabinets, as well as those from white and black glossy. So the two sinks and the attractive, indirect lighting is striking.

tabletop in bole design corridor idea zen pond style staircase lighting

So the washer console in the dark bath room is particularly attractive. It consists of a tabletop tree trunk design. It in turn modern shells sink are located. The second bathroom is again entirely in white marble. This stone can be not very noble, but modern workspace, which love especially is restored through large windows.

tabletop bole dark designer bathroom design wash console original

The bedroom in the house with furniture with table top in the tree trunk design are spacious and stylishly furnished. Modern seating area by the window, from which you can look wonderful in the garden ensures privacy in one of the bedrooms. In turn, the other bedroom has an attractive roof. This makes visu ally smaller and Ana the room. Original Vintage accents: search as furniture from case and to elegant wall tiling in gray color to be added.

tabletop in bole design deco buddhist sofa table idea floor lamp

If you get pleasure, to look at more pictures of attractive holiday home with the tree trunk tabletop design, scroll down to just keep. Namely, we have compiled a great gallery from which you can finish inspiration, when you set up your own home. Here are ideas for different rooms. One thing is quite certain: a tree trunk tabletop design enhances any room to a great and is definitely a great choice when it comes to the dining or coffee table or other surfaces.

tabletop nature means living in bole design area optics

tabletop tree trunk design bedroom accent wall wood sitting area bedside lamps

tabletop tree trunk design bedrooms idea bedded chests businesswomen laminate

tabletop tree trunk design bright of furniture inspiration wood material stool

tabletop tree trunk design cuisine minimalist kitchen island wood

tabletop tree trunk design exterior decking flooring benches stone wall

tabletop tree trunk design façade deco white swimming pool

tabletop tree trunk design house inspiration outdoor area pool lounge

tabletop tree trunk design marble white bathroom design mirror wood accent

tabletop tree trunk design outdoor night pool robert greg shand architects

tabletop tree trunk design pool original design garden modern

tabletop tree trunk design roof sloping lounge lowboard living wall sofa cream color

tabletop tree trunk design sconce stair area original wall design

tabletop tree trunk design seating window cozy bedroom window idea

tabletop tree trunk design sink kitchen island-high gloss white lighting

tabletop tree trunk design vintage accent wall tiling gray

tabletop tree trunk design white furnishings bed bedroom blue deco

tabletop tree trunk design white marble bath noble natural stone

tabletop tree trunk design window front lookout garden interior idea