The unique collection of small furniture “Emoticons”

“Emoticons, The emotional meaning of form, shape & music” is the title of a book and also a collection of small furniture by Tomas Ekström exploring the emotional design.

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Ekström who work under the pseudonym Kallbrand is a designer and illustrator in the city of Stockholm in Sweden. His exploration of emotional design began with the questions “How can you draw happiness?”, “Why we love the things we love?”, “Why do some songs make us sad and others – joyful, and how s explains their effect on our emotions? ”

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Because we’ve all had the experience of music that has a direct influence on us, but is it possible for art and design to produce the same effect? And if that is the case, what is this thing that controls the emotional message that is conveyed by a shape, a picture, a song?
With Emoticons Ekström tries to explain the emotional valence of the basic elements and principles that constitute the media of form, image and music. Whose properties are each media has systematically surveyed and different ways of handling communicate a different message.

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How we perceive a song, an object or image is not arbitrary and subjective as we think. Even if it’s somewhere ambiguous link between a specific emotion – state of mind and qualities of design is obvious and affects us much more than we realize. This collection of small furniture Author:

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