The use of windows in interior decoration

A few years ago the windows were identified with the classic or colonial style. They used to be located in the living room and contained the crockery, glassware and linens. Nordic d├ęcor has again put the focus on many more sober and simple designs.


The new cabinets are not only relegated to the dining room, if they gain prominence in bathrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens with space for a large office, walkways … Thus they have become much more versatile furniture.


Shop windows in the living and dining
In any house the order is always essential, and more in the dining area where we have to keep the dishes, linens, glassware … Thanks to the windows not only have more space, but we can have everything ready. When decorating we must consider that it is better to put the dishes and heavier pieces on the bottom and keep the bowls or vases for the upper shelves.


Showcases in the kitchen
If we have a large kitchen sure you have thought of putting a office area to eat in the kitchen and make the most enjoyable family evening. It is also a very practical choice, because it spotted much less. The cabinet may be the perfect place to store breakfast cups, molds cakes, casseroles … The result is very decorative and be protected with crystals less dirty.

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Showcases in study areas
Being protected puedens be a very practical option off the shelves or bookcases. The big problem is not usually present in modular formats, ie not equally well suited to space. If we can integrate them into the decor are perfect to not let dust ruin the books.