The vintage bike and his romantic appeal

One of the first things they teach you in his life, is cycling. This is also one of the things that once learned is never forget. Have you noticed that the people in Western Europe very intensively and regularly ride bicycles – when they go to work, to the cinema, and even in the Club? The important thing is that these vehicles are ecological and environmentally friendly. As a key point here we want to add something – the bicycle helps us to stay fit. Until now, we talked more generally about the bike. Today we would like to draw your attention in particular to the vintage bicycle.

Bicycle with basket with unique design

The female half of the 1decor team are big fans of this wonderful bikes. And this is quite logical – you look romantic and flirtatious, have in most cases a flower basket and are or can be painted in sweet colors. In addition, a girl on such bicycle has a super film look. Fortunately, there are vintage bicycles for two on the market. So, we may share with these pleasant emotions together with our beloved. There are also models for three – so a small group of friends together can entertain themselves. We want photos show you also retro bike, so that you can differentiate yourself. As an alternative we introduce bike the bamboo, whose main feature is that it is environmentally friendly. If you ride your bike through the streets intensively, you must of course always looking bicycle stands. We want to show you a wonderful article on this topic. Have you seen bike racks with such designs up to now? 🙂

Bicycle 50s years

We provide a large number of vintage bicycle pictures to the show. We have also found some useful links for you, where you can choose the best model that best fits your personality. EBay and bike-discount cheap and at the same time effective models offered, we recommend you one hundred percent. We wish you much fun watching and select!

Bicycle beside high old house

Black retro bicycle with basket

Blue retro bicycle girl with has

Blue vintage bicycle with basket

cool idea for wedding old retro bicycle

coquettish bike in white with basket

decorative bicycle with unikalem design

drive with retro bike through the city

drive with retro bike to the beach

driving with old bicycle through the streets

fantastic model retro bicycle on quay

Girl with coquettish bike model

Green bicycle in vintage style

Green retro bicycle with basket

innovative model bicycle for two

Ladies bike with basket in black

Ladies bike with basket in mint color

Ladies bike with basket in pink color

Ladies bike with basket in white

Man with a striking retro bicycle

modern bicycle in vintage style

retro bicycle in brown color

retro bicycle on the bridge

retro bicycle with basket case hero

retro bicycle with basket in yellow

retro bike next to the building

retro bike road city night

retro model bicycle for two

two children on retro bicycle

Vintage bicycle with two seats

Vintage bike in mint color

Walk on the beach with bicycle

white vintage bicycle with basket