The Visually most beautiful New IKEA furniture alternative

IKEA failed and practical alternative. Timeless furniture – 50 years works car – self-construction furniture intensively with various magazine editors to create timeless and unusual pieces of furniture.

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Similar to as well as IKEA – through direct sales without intermediaries, optimum packaging and contribution in building the furniture car offer a good price-performance ratio with good quality furniture. Metal, wicker and wood furniture manufactured mainly from natural materials in hand made and shipped mostly untreated. Here goes BB’s to the PDF catalogs

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quality at a high level. BO concepts furniture is manufactured from high-quality material, where special emphasis which placed on the function and the value for money. To realize this concept, BO carefully weighing between material, design and workman ship.

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In the world at home in Munich at home. KARE is a lively lifestyle concept with a unique show of furniture, lighting, home accessories and gift items. A trend line of around 4500 products guarantees a fantastic team, brilliant ideas, personal business use and a never Dimini was enthusiasm.

Great IKEA alternative modernization and some exceptional pieces. Crate & barrels are in the United States, but all over the world send their product.

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At Avandeo, you can order online easily design furniture. Live visit their showroom in Munich. There are there outlandish things like for example vintage warehouse chairs from scrap iron. Clear IKEA alternative with high-quality interiors at more affordable prices.


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