The wardrobe in the bedroom – an integral part of the children’s room furniture

Wardrobe brings order and style to the room children’s room
Every bedroom needs a wardrobe. Also in each child’s room, the closet is a must. But often you have the choice, if one is in search of the right wardrobe for his children. Then, one notes that each next design is nicer than the previous one. Yes, on the market, all models are finding one should this but choose, which corresponds to the best its criteria. And because all people have different expectations for a piece of furniture, we have created a beautiful photo gallery of full many an inspiring wardrobes for the nursery. Enjoy these and collect ideas for the design of the own nursery!

wardrobe nursery carpet runner stripes maid's room set up

The closet should be a functional piece of furniture nursery, which meets the needs of growing children. And they change constantly. The designs can show a facet-rich variety, but it is always a real challenge to organise the space and to make no compromises with the interior design and the room decoration at the same time.

wardrobe nursery large mirror surface green cots

The wardrobe has a huge impact on the appearance of the room. Robust constructions could make the room look kinda gloomy, although they present a huge storage room. Taking into consideration, the fact that children suffer from always lack space, it is tempting to integrate large cabinets in the nursery. Is it always the best decision or is there a better alternative? Of course it depends on the standards of the room, and the design concept in each case.

wardrobe nursery open shelves round rugs

In larger rooms, it takes even more space where to organize all the stuff in the best possible manner. The closet is one of the pieces of furniture which contributes much to the Organization and order in the nursery. All clothes, shoes and accessories to have your own place in the nursery. Also optically a larger model inscribes itself better in a spacious room. A large wardrobe fills the room in a beautiful way and distributes the feeling of emptiness.

wardrobe nursery orange cot-beige carpet open shelves

A small nursery, however, needs a very functional wardrobe, which compensated for the lack of space. Here, the main role of the wardrobe is to have the room cleaned up look. You choose usually Fürs small children’s models, which are equipped with many divisions and drawers. Here, you can assign not only clothes, but also any affiliations.

wardrobe nursery girls room einrichtenrosa carpet butterflies

wardrobe nursery zebra skin rug orange accents

wardrobe sliding doors nursery geometric carpet

wardrobe nursery blue accents beautiful mural painting

wardrobe desk functional furniture nursery orange carpet

wardrobe blue nursery wall carpet

Toys wooden floor make closet nursery babyroom

Setting nursery furniture wardrobe functional bed

nursery set up white carpet wardrobe Kinderzimmerdeko

nursery set up round green carpet blue accents

nursery set up large wardrobe green Floor tiles brown carpet

nursery set up identical green stool beige carpet wardrobe white

nursery furniture set up nursery closet design colorful accents

nursery furniture set up functional wardrobe round blue carpet

establish nursery carpet loft white wardrobe precipitated Wall shelves

Children's nursery furniture set up play bed beautiful wardrobe

Bodeen closet nursery fresh color combination white