The white color in bathroom

One gets the idea that white is simple, a classic color that goes with everything and never goes out of fashion; and we will not deny that these are agunas of the reasons why it is so popular in home decor. But at first glance it is difficult to distinguish between the multiple shades of white and ways to make better use of space in the bathroom.

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Pure as Snow
This tone is popular in the bathroom since the last century and today is also very common. Barbara Kalis, diseñadra interior and color consulting firm interviewed by Kohler, says people are drawn to them because white represents purity, health and hygiene.

If you’re thinking about using a white palette in your bathroom consider using more than two colors and vary the texture of the surfaces, this will make a better effect.


‘When you work with banks you can play with finishes as sharp stone, brushed or bright’ says Kalis. ‘They can be combined with relative ease in a bath full bank’.

For example: If your toilet, sink and tub are bright, you can use tiles with a matte finish on the walls of the tub and a stone countertop for your toilet.

Add interest
Accessories are also available in white with interesting textures: some are inspired by desert sand finishes, others have a smooth texture of river stone and other finishes feature three-dimensional texture mimicking salt. Include more than one texture in your bathroom will make it more interesting.

The glass doors add visual interest. If you darken slightly transparent glass play with light and with steam shower you can have different nuances.


If you plan to use a little color to your white bathroom you could choose one and create accents with accessories. Kalis explains that ‘blue colors tiiene base (for cold conditions) or yellow (for warmer environments) and whites too. You can see the difference in view several white together ‘, this will help you choose the accent color that suits the atmosphere you want to project.

Example: if you plan to use blue as an accent in the bathroom choose a white with bluish base. Other colors that require a target of this style are: green or purple.Another way to color is having all the surfaces in a shade of white and use rugs, curtains and towels of a specific color  whenever you want.



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