The windows in the hot season

With the high temperatures this summer the air conditioning costs of can give you headaches, but there are some simple treatments that can make your windows will help to maintain the proper temperature in the home without making you spend a lot.

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According to the Department of Energy, windows can save 10 to 25 percent of energy expenditure in a house, so the window treatment is essential to your pocket. Experts on Budget Blinds window and Mr. Handyman recommend you the next tips for windows this summer.

1. Extraction windows installing windows and caulking are useful to keep the temperature inside.

February. Covers open window facing south in the day will allow you to store heat, or QE will be helpful during the night.

Three. Put window treatments at night, this will slow heat loss and improve efficiency.

4. The type of treatment you choose for the window is very important. A good solution is to install a cellular shade. The double cells have the advantage of preventing heat loss, but the disadvantage of blocking a little more light to enter, evaluate your priorities.

May. Window Treatments will be more efficient if you apply inside the frame.

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