The wood on the walls is great idea

The wood on the walls is an excellent material for any room, whether in the living room, study, bedroom, even in parking your vehicle, anywhere in your house that you want to remove the simple ambient and cold bare walls and no attractive coat a wooden wall is a great idea, take a room full of wood, it is true very attractive, but it is not difficult.


Varying the type of wood and color, vary according to the tastes of each one, so you must have to be a law is the beauty of the natural color, but if you have to paint, we suggest gray and white colors, but what more attractive wood gives it its unique natural color.

Many people want to put one on a wood wall, also alone on the floor, but the important thing is to choose your style fine wood, grosos between each table, and a small room will not look good thick boards, you should use medium, but in large rooms, we can use thick and thin.

Try to use the same wood throughout a room, but if you combine different kinds of wood, try not to stir them so that there is a uniformity of color, is the same wood furniture, to match with them, this will give you added more to the decor.

And the last point in the decoration of a wooden wall, are the nails, finishing nails used is a law in all decoration, nail head, is an enemy of the decor of your room.

No doubt using wood in your walls and floors, adds a special touch to your home , but you must take into account, where you use wood as the kitchen, it is not advisable, because of the dangers of ignition , but this is not a law, so you decide what kind of wood and put where.












wood on the walls is great idea

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