Tie tie – the 4 main knots with simple instructions

A tie belongs to the business wardrobe, but also to the elegant clothing style. For the shirt and the suit, it is an indispensable accessory, which sets an accent and individual touch. Particularly important is not only the design of the necktie, which should be matched to the outfit but also the knot with which it is bound. Frequently it happens that you get stressed quickly when you are tied in the necktie is not really practised at festivities, special occasions, an interview or basically in time-short situations. In order to present your new tie in the best way, we provide the 4 most important nodes with simple instructions.

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A tie can be bound to a total of 85 species, 1999 the English physicist Dr Thomas Fink. Do not let this variety frighten you. Of course, you do not have to master all of the tie knots, but the two most important ones should be able to bind every man – the four-in-hand and the simple Windsor knot. In the case of festive occasions, the more complex forms of binding are particularly well-received.

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One of the most popular among the basic tie nodes is the four-in-hand knot. Its popularity is mainly due to the simple binding and the timeless look. For any occasion, for leisure, but also for business meetings, it is equally good. Whether thin or rather wide, every tie can be beautifully bound in this way. In addition, the four-in-hand node is both large and medium-sized men. A clear pro-point is that you can bind it with one hand and maybe it was called “simple node”.

  • Place the wide end of the tie over the narrow.
  • Pass the wide end of the tie behind the narrow to the right and then continue to the left.
  • Pull the wide end up to the neck and then pull it down again through the resulting sling.
  • The node is already ready. Now simply push him up to the top shirt button until the tie is seated correctly.

This simple necktie knot is an elegant all-rounder, which the Duke of Windsor has made particularly popular in the 1930s. The Windsor node is somewhat voluminous and bulging than the four-in-hand node. It is distinguished by a conical, symmetrical shape and is particularly suitable for shirts that sit close to the neck. To a shark collar, it comes to the best advantage. For this, you should choose a narrow tie from a non-voluminous fabric. Whether festive or professional, the gentleman’s look is completed by a simple Windsor knot.

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