Tight House with surprisingly rural interior

That a country style not Necessarily classic, proves this renovation. Scott Scott Architects turned this property into a & rural property with a clean look. By using wood gets this interior a rural look. Especially the ceiling beams with structure reminiscent of a farm.

country kitchen with solid wood

By choosing a polished concrete floor is this open space here one more. By choosing white walls in combination with lots of glass, this is a well lit home. The sleek design of the furniture make for a modern interior.

black spiral staircase rural interior

The classic elements of a rural interior, get here a tight twist. The typical design of a country kitchen HAS BEEN Replaced by a sleek design. Only the use of natural materials HAS BEEN preserved. Stay up to date with competitions, fun projects and tips to make your home in? Register now for our monthly newsletter!

country living room with wood

rural house with marble sink

rural interior clean house

rural interior modern home

rural interior with concrete floor

rural property

rural tight interior