Tiles in the large size as a floor covering for a stylish spatial arrangement

Large size tiles are a popular floor covering. And this is also no miracle! If you move namely large-size tiles, the spaces get not only a modern, but also a stylish and elegant Look. Tiles in the large size were also applied for this Italian house which appeared in co-operation between Paola Maré and Rimondo Guidacci. A Little bit more exactly look the organization of the interiors in the following gallery.
Among other things, gray tiles in the large size find themselves in the open living-room in the ground floor. They apply to the whole space and adorn so also the open, minimalistic kitchen. The gray floor covering is combined with few plain and modern pieces of furniture which divide the space optically into a lounge, eating area and kitchen. Another characteristic feature of the spaces which falls immediately in the eye is the attractive blanket. This is marked namely by relatively dark wood and black steel beam.
Besides, the same tiles in the large size are applied for the bathroom where they are combined as well with white walls. As a floor covering in the second-floor wood, as well as glass, serves again. The latter makes possible from above a look in the living room and is, without a doubt, an interesting idea for the spatial arrangement. The deviation from pulse flatness for which the same ceiling design was selected like below radiates coziness and invites in order to be relaxing.
Large-format-house-design-living-room-simple-furniture Large-format-minimalist-interiors-dining-area-glass-pendulights Tile-in-large-format-wood-ceiling-design-steel-beam-idea-kitchen Tile-in-the-large-format-seat-shelf-metal-sofa-idea Tile-in-the-large-kitchen-kitchen-cupboard-modern-inspiration Tile-in-the-large-living-room-gray-furnishing-lounge Tile-large-format-bathroom-design-wood-door-white-walls Tile-large-format-bathroom-floor-to-wall-shower-glass-modern Tile-large-format-bedroom-bathtub-washbasin-round-mirror Tile-large-format-bedroom-japanese-flair-lamp-sphere Tile-large-format-cabinet-open-wood-natural-material-furnishings Tile-large-format-comfortable-interiors-slanting-seat-bag-lighting Tile-large-format-facade-large-window-paving stone Tile-large-format-floor-glass-flooring-original idea Tile-large-format-interior-floor-idea-room-design-stimulations Tile-large-format-open-living-room-design-modern Tile-large-format-roof-box-laminate-roof-recessed cabinet Tile-large-format-stair-white-minimalism-perforated-panel staircase Tile-large-format-terraced-weathered-wood-gray-pergola-metal Tiles-in-large-format-living-room-ceiling-steel-beams Tiles-large-format-outdoor-house-design-italy-wood-boarding-boards