Tiles in wood optics – robustness with homely character

Every successful furnishing concept begins with the ceiling, wall and floor design. And while the wall paint and the wall cladding can be easily and cost-effectively changed later, the choice of flooring is rather a long-term investment. Wood creates a cosy atmosphere, but the material reacts sensitively to water, needs a regular care and is rather unfavourable for the room acoustics. Ceramic is extremely resistant but can be cold and sterile. The tiles in wood optics are an alternative, which has been successful in recent years – they combine the robustness and longevity of the ceramic with the homely character of the wood and offer the perfect solution for all who are looking for a clean surface and at the same time Natural charm of the floor or parquet floor. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods, numerous colours, grains and structures can be realised so that everyone can find the right design.

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The tiles in wood optics are made of special robust ceramics and then fitted with a glaze in wood optics thanks to modern production techniques. The surface is similar to the natural material, but at the same time, it offers the numerous advantages of ceramic tiles. It is UV-resistant, non-slip, and can withstand sun and frost without problems – the floor covering is thus ideally suited both for heavily used rooms such as hallways and living areas, as well as for wet areas and even for outdoor areas. For example, tiles can be used to create a seamless transition between the living room, kitchen and terrace.

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The ceramic tiles also offer an easy-care alternative to traditional floorboards – they do not swell, do not have to be treated with oils and can be cleaned with steam cleaners / therefore completely without chemicals. The tiles are offered in different dimensions, which are based on the dimensions of the wooden boards – this allows various laying techniques.Similar to common ceramic tiles, the first thing to note is that the floor is straight and clean. Only then is the laying method fixed – it is important, above all, that the grain of the individual tiles are matched so that the flooring really looks like a wooden floor. The laying method depends on whether the tiles are laid with or without joints. Basically, the rule applies – spacious rooms with large-format tiles, and small rooms – with smaller tiles laying jointless. Bright woods make the room look bigger, dark wood accents and automatically attract the attention.

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