Tiling a bathroom ideas

Tiling a bathroom or kitchen is a basic masonry work and although it may seem difficult, with the advice we give you today will be tiled bathroom and save yourself some money.


Calculate the number of tiles: when calculating the surface to cover, add 10% more to make the cuts and if any part is broken.
Tip: for better finish is advisable to mix tiles from different boxes, as there may be some color variation from one box to another. Mixed not notice.
Grout: withdraw the remains before it sets the product.

First of all we have to prepare the room to spot as possible. To do this, you will need to cover the floor with plastic or cardboard . In any case, if we dare ourselves tiling the bathroom, it is best to hire a home insurance that includes DIY jobs .


Prepare cement and place the first tile
Begin preparing the cement glue following the manufacturer’s instructions and as he let stand, ‘ll nail slats in the bottom of the walls (like tile medium ground). The nivelaremos well and we will support for tiles. Now apply the cement glue in an area of the wall with a trowel and we will extend it with a flat toothed . We will place the first glued to a corner and leaning on the bar level tile. We will put a crosshairs to mark the wound and install the second tile. With a rubber mallet give a small shock to seat the tiles.


Apply the grout and get a professional finish
Continue placing the first row of tiles to get to the other corner where no longer with us a whole piece. We will take action and will cut tile with ceramic cutter. Repeat the process with each row of tiles up to the ceiling. If you ever have any pipe or drain, we will take measures and cut parts or taladraremos accordingly. We will remove slats level and finish the bottom of the wall.


Finally, it will be grouting . To do this, mix the product with water and extend through areas on the wall with a rubber trowel to avoid damaging the tiles. Before it sets, we will remove any residue with a damp cloth and repeat until you finish the entire wall.

It will be tiling our bathroom and a finish worthy of a professional.