Tinkered lamps for the clarification of the interior design

The really beautiful design solutions are based on only a few selected items. Do you also agree with this opinion? Among the most important the Licht.Es can completely change the atmosphere and the House make absolutely as new.Do you have no time or financial opportunities to replace the whole lighting at home? You can achieve quite A lot by adding some key pieces. The examples below are evidence.

Homemade lamps spring

You must feel not constrained by these ideas! You should rather To give an idea of the infinite possibilities.Unique properties
The old fashioned atmosphere appears in a completely new form through the lamp pictured below appears the old-fashioned atmosphere in a new form by the lamp pictured below. It is a work of Stacy from stars for streetlights. You left somewhere an old photo camera in the drawer? You can now put in the center of a light show.

Homemade lamps fotoapparat table

You can customise the Lampshade as a slideshow of the images. I would prefer there exhibiting pictures of my travels and you? The lamp from the company of Shelterness is so minimalist as great. You need a lamp shade with bare wire surface. Alternatively, you can remove the material from a different light.Then add a black feather. In black, the light looks just fabulous. You would also performing a different monochrome colored a wonderful effect.

Homemade chandelier lamps

Traditional design
Work dating back to the Design Studio of better homes and gardens below, my opinion is perfect for the spring and summer. A fresh color under one snuck shaped lamp shade in corresponding nuance creates the wonderful effect. Through this method, you can refresh a stale or become boring light and again modern look.

Homemade lamps chandelier table

Blank can look beautiful. This proves the design of the designer Netta Natalia from Likainen Parketti. You could issue this lamp on a dining or coffee table.The waiver will focus attention on the essential on design elements.For security reasons, so a work is likely not too low hang.

Homemade design lamps

Captivating spheres
Industrial decoration you like? Perhaps the work of designer Orlando from Homme would be made just For you. The light in the image consists of three different tires made by hand from wire.

Pink homemade lamps white bed

The gaps were filled by various additional works. Think of the fummeligen shadow on your walls…Now comes a challenge for fans of artisan arts! Do you have spare yarn around you? The chandelier was realized by techniques from the old school of paper cutting machines below. It is a work of the design company pickles. In your opinion, what is the best feature of this design? Here, too, the elaborate shadow the light make unique, I think!

Painted beauty
Do you want more patterned details in your home? I like them already. You beautify the room without great Veränderungen.Jen of made by girl has achieved exactly the shown here light.You can use an old lamp in need of embellishment. Then you could paint this white such as the present. At the end, you can add the plant with pink stripes. We have to do here with a work of art not To find you?Also the lamp was inspired by this idea down, and she has achieved fabulous results.

Homemade lamps fotoapparat

Black and white combination adds a unique charm to any design and it can be combined with all other shades.Has your lamp accessories in Mettalic? Leave them unpainted and you will be most pleased with the effect.