Tinkerings with beer mats – manual and mad ideas for a Scrapbook album

Have you ever thought about it, what can you actually do with beer coasters? The small round and square beer coasters are mostly made of cardboard and the children can make different figures for carnival and Christmas themselves. This is often used as a simple pen holder and creative wall decorations. However, if you are interested in scrapbooking, you can create a beautiful scrapbook album with beer coasters. This is rather a mini-album, in which photos and memories are presented in a special way. A simple guide, as well as many wonderful ideas for the souvenir album from beer supporters, can be found in this article. 


A scrapbook album resembles a photo album, with much more than just photos. In these albums, you collect memories and tell stories with the help of reminders and stickers. Each Scrapbook album has its own theme, such as the child’s first year of life, memories of a holiday at the seaside or popular moments with the pet.

For the crafting of these special photo albums, a special scrapbooking paper is used, which can be both monochrome and patterned. With motif punching, you can create various shapes and stick them together with further embellishments and appliqués into the album. The result is always a very individual design, which is perfect as a gift for a favourite person.

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