Tinkerings with corncob and corn sheets: figures and sourish decorations

In autumn nature offers every amount of materials to decorate the house or to build something creative with children. Not only chestnuts, acorns, multicoloured foliage can be applied for it. Also with corncob one can realise unexpected, varied ideas. If no whole corncobs are recently fallen into hands of you, you can simply procure for yourselves dried corn sheets. These can be lightly treated and cut how the paper with the moles. Tinkering with corncob and corn sheets does to big and small enjoyment!
Basalt-corn-comb-wind-table-table decoration-autumn
Sourish flowers are colourful, please the eye and beautifully can be combined with the intense color of the corncobs. They can quickly paste a vase or a terracotta pot with a corncob. So dyer’s thistle, asters, sunflowers, dahlias come still better to the validity!
tinker-corn cob leaves dolls-children-male-female
Storm lanterns are always a stylish supplement to every table decoration and can be decorated always strangely seasonally. However, this time the corn is not applied as a filler. The corncobs are simple with phloem or another piece of string around the storm lantern bound. Always pay attention to the fact that the flame of the candle does not come to the nearness of the dried corn sheets. Use best higher storm lanterns or battery-operated candles for additional security.
tinker-corn cob leaves dolls-children-poor
tinker-corn cob leaves dolls-children-tie tinker-corn cob leaves dolls-dress tinker-corn cob leaves dolls-manual tinker-corn cob leaves dolls-manual-women tinker-corn cob leaves dolls-rock-dress tinker-corn cob leaves-Doll clothing tinker-corncob Leaves-napkin halter-rose- tinker-corncob Leaves-Tealights-deco-table tinker-corncob-autumn wreath-square-manual tinker-corncob-child-ideas-hedgehog-dog-cat-fox tinker-corncob-colorful-corn tinker-corncob-door wreath-square-manual tinker-corncob-door wreath-straw-rohling tinker-corncob-figures-children-male tinker-corncob-flower-fruit-vases-table deco-autumn tinker-corncob-garland-Autumn decoration tinker-corncob-ideas-autumn-filler-baskets-pots tinker-corncob-manual-door wreath-square