Tinkerings with snail-shells – 6 imaginative ideas for mini deco

The snail-shells if there already nobody lives are found in the nature free. In the forest, in the garden or on a vacation by the sea empty snail-shells can be collected. They think to buy themselves also in Craft shops. In short time you can spend with the children a beautiful afternoon outside and do yourselves in search of empty snail bowls. With some creativity, mad things, like a supporter, jewelry, and Garden decoration appear from it correctly. With beautiful ideas to the tinkering with snail-shells, we enrich you in the follower.
Craft-snail-house mini-garden-vase-idea
To the tinkering with snail-shells, you can never simply have too much of it. Collect small and big, because from all something beauty can be done. Perhaps you have brought even from the last vacation by the sea which quite big from sea snails. They find new application as decorative small vases or mini plants vessels. From the smallest snail-shells can be built beautiful jewelry. One can decorate the empty housings of the garden snails color and start decoratively in the house.
Craft-snail-houses-chain-self-making-idea Craft-snail-houses-sand-sea-shell decoration Craft-worm-house-candle Craft-worm-house-candle-self-making-instruction Craft-worm-house-paint-drawing-decorate Craft-worm-house-paint-mandala-pins Craft-worm-houses-candle-wax-self-making Craft-worm-houses-colorful-coloring-deco-colors Craft-worm-houses-jewelry-gold-silver-self-making Craft-worm-house-wreath-deco-self-making Craft-worm-mandala-coloring-decorating-gift-idea Craft-worm-plant-hanging-decorating-mini Crafty-snail-house-mini-garden-succulent plants Crafty-snail-houses-mini-garden-containers-succulents Crafty-snail-houses-mini-garden-succulent plants Miniature-garden-flower-vase-flower-box