Tips for better lighting in kitchen cabinets

Is your kitchen appear gloomy and dark? An increase in kitchen lighting using under cabinet can solve the problem.Installing the best cabinet lighting can brighten and make your kitchen more attractive and welcoming.

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Under cabinet lighting is also known as task lighting. The purpose of using under cabinet lighting is to remove the darkness of the kitchen cabinets and cooking area.

However, there are two things to consider when purchasing under cabinet lights: under cabinet lighting bulb type and attachment style.

The fluorescent, incandescent, halogen and xenon are the main virtue of the types of kitchen lighting bulbs to suit any model of kitchen cabinet.

The fluorescent bulb is the most widely used under kitchen cabinet lighting type. Is durable, energy efficient, and creates a sparkling effect in the cooking area through activation of phosphor coating on the inside surface of a cover glass.

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The incandescent light bulb is the most traditional and least expensive of under cabinet lighting kitchen type. Emits light through a heating filament. It’s not so much bright as the fluorescent type. It is energy efficient, but it lasts up to 1,000 hours. Can be easily dimmed to emit soft lighting at night.

The halogen bulb emits a bright white light through halogen gases. The halogen gas causes the bulb to burn hot, but the use of accessories designed specifically for halogen bulb burning reduces to absorb heat. Not as sensitive as the fluorescent light. Its durability is longer than an incandescent bulb, maximum of 2000 hours.

Xenon bulb emits a soft light through xenon gas. Although it emits a soft light that is bright enough to work in the kitchen area. Its energy efficiency is so similar to the halogen bulb, but lasts up to 10,000 hours and burns much lower.

Once you select the best kitchen under cabinet light bulb that fits your purpose and fit for use.

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